During police operation: 44 vehicles were disabled and 46 driver’s licenses were revoked

Traffic policemen in the Sharon and Shefela areas, in Shat"P. Matan police"A, deployed last night (Thursday) and so did the evening, increasingly along the main arteries and roads adjacent to the recreation centers (full of passers-by marking the end of the civil year), in order to secure the passers-by, assist in traffic arrangements and prevent life-threatening offenses.

Last night, the police conducted more than 500 drunk tests for drivers in the entertainment complexes, as part of which they found 40 drivers at the checkpoints (some of them new drivers), whose alcohol levels were above the allowable level and therefore a hearing was held and a court summons was issued. In the targeted activity last night, the police registered about 300 reports for a serious traffic offense and at the end of a hearing before a traffic officer, 46 driver’s licenses were revoked and 44 administrative vehicles were disabled for a period of 30 days.

The Israel Police stated: "The police intend to enforce the evening even more in order to save lives and allow all passers-by to return to their homes safely, when drivers must show responsibility towards all occupants of the vehicle by safe driving by law while setting "Driver on duty" Who does not drink to rent and also ask parents to get involved and guide while giving the car keys to their children who are new drivers."

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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