New Year’s Eve in the shadow of the omicron: a dramatic increase in demand for rapid antigen testing

It turns out that in the shadow of the spread of the omicron, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for fast antigen testing for the end of the civil year in favor of New Year’s Eve parties, a vacation in Israel, or a flight to destinations like the United States, Italy, Britain and France.

In Sofia Israel from the Rimipharm group, the pioneer of the fastest tests in the country, they explain that the demand for pre-party testing is recorded among young people for a green card but also among vaccinated people who want peace of mind.

In Sofia, additional teams and technological means were conducted to perform institutional antigen tests (reported directly to the Ministry of Health), with a response within 15 minutes in response to demand among families with children before vacation in Israel as well as among couples who had already flown with an antigen test in English.

It should be emphasized that institutional antigen tests, using Sofia’s technology, are performed according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. The devices have been approved by the FDA and include a data decoder (Analyzer) that has been updated with a new version so that it already recognizes the alarming Omicron strain and the Delta variant.

Sagi Yaniv, Marketing and Sales Manager at Sofia Israel of the Remipharm Group, explains that: "We held this week ahead of New Year’s Eve in all the places in the country where you can perform a quick institutional Sofia check for a green note, peace of mind or a flight to a destination that allows antigen. We are deployed in Good Pharm branches, in medical centers as well as in Arab society. Everything is calm, with short queues. Our teams are already performing PCR tests for flight or departure from isolation and our deployment will continue to expand in order to continue to normalize life alongside the corona".

It should be noted that the Good Pharm chain, owned by Rami Levy, recently announced the expansion of the corona testing field, along with the antigen tests for the green label, which already operate at a discounted price of NIS 49 with an answer within 15 minutes. 11 complexes nationwide. The answer to the test is received within a time of up to 30 hours and is offered at a price of NIS 89. The price is for everyone, without the condition of club membership or online shopping. The testing services are performed at Good Pharm by a skilled and professional medical team from Sofia Israel from the Remipharm Group.

In the coming days, the Good Pharm chain, owned by Rami Levy and the chain’s founders Adam Friedler and Ohad Sandler, will also launch free corona tests in collaboration with the Ministry of Health for children aged 3 to 12 for green card purposes.

The Sofia Israel Group reminds the public that a rapid corona test is not a substitute for a vaccine and it is better to get vaccinated in order to reduce the risk of serious illness and mortality.

Photo: Sofia Israel from the Rimipharm group

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