Special preparation of a meter"A. In preparation for the celebrations of the new civil year

As every year, meter teams"A will be deployed tonight (Friday to Saturday) on increased alert across the country, in order to provide a quick and effective medical response to any need that may arise during New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Eve) on the weekend. Meter stations"A. will be reinforced with medics, paramedics and meter drives"A. Riding on emergency motorcycles, electric bicycles and ambulances. This year, in addition to the regular preparation, read on the meter"A. To the public who spend time follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding social distance and wearing masks – in the shadow of the spread of the omicron virus.

CEO"To meter"A, Eli Bin: "As every year, meter forces"A are prepared with special assessments on the night of the new civil year, in order to provide the public with an efficient and quick medical response throughout the country. I call on the public to take responsibility, maintain health and take precautionary measures against the rapidly spreading corona virus these days. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided in order to maintain your personal safety. The Med family"I wish the citizens of Israel a healthy, enjoyable and safe civic year".

Every year on New Year’s Eve, crews are called"A. Treat various cases, including alcohol abuse, road accidents and injuries from violence and other incidents. At Magen David Adom, the public is reminded of the relevant safety emphases, designed to maintain the safety and security of the celebrants:
-Avoid excessive alcohol consumption! Increased consumption of intoxicating liquor can cause poisoning and even death in some cases. It should be remembered that studies show that alcohol tends to trigger a drinker’s violence towards his environment. Driving, cycling or any other motorized vehicle under the influence of alcohol, is prohibited and endangers the life of the driver and his environment.

-In an emergency following excessive drinking of alcohol, follow these instructions:
The victim must be kept away from a dangerous place, such as a road, a balcony, electric machines, vehicles, etc. If the victim vomits, tilt him to his side. Do not let the victim drink because due to the loss of reflexes, he may inhale any fluid into his lungs and suffocate. If the victim is unconscious and does not breathe, immediately begin resuscitation operations and call for meter readings"A. By dialing the 101 emergency center or using a widget "gauge"A my", And the paramedic at the call center knew how to locate your exact location.
– Do not leave drink bottles unattended! Avoid leaving glasses or drink bottles open unattended at parties, for fear that chemicals, such as drugs of various kinds, energy pills and more will be introduced into them.
-Avoid consuming drugs of any kind: enough at one time to be harmed by an overdose of drug. The effects inherent in drug use are often individual and harmful to each other in a different way. It is important not to take a risk and make sure you return home healthy and intact.
-Avoid entering particularly crowded halls: Young people who plan to spend time at large parties are asked to check the entrance to the event that allows the maximum occupancy of the hall, and to avoid being crowded to places where the occupancy exceeds what is allowed, for fear of injury due to crowding and overcrowding. It is important to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health for social distance and wearing a mask.
-Med"Parents of children and children under the age of 18 are called upon to note that they do not consume alcohol on New Year’s Eve.
– It is worth completing hours of sleep: The day after the ongoing New Year’s Eve celebrations into the night is usually a full working day and there is a significant effect of heavy fatigue. Lack of sleep impairs freshness, function and concentration while driving.

Bmd"A. The public is called upon to obey the instructions of the security forces and to exercise vigilance. In any medical need one should call Learn"A. At the 101 emergency line or through a widget "gauge"A my", And obey the instructions of the medics and paramedics at the call center, until the arrival of meter forces"A place.

Photo: Spokeswoman Med"A
Photo: Spokeswoman Med"A

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