Three northerners have been arrested on suspicion of attempting to blackmail a woman by distributing intimate photos of her

A police investigation was opened following the receipt of a complaint from a Hadera resident, who reported that she was a victim of an extortion attempt. According to the suspect, the victim received threatening messages that if she did not pay the suspects a sum of money they would distribute intimate pictures of her. After receiving the complaint and in coordination with the police, a meeting was held in Hadera between the suspects and the victim, where she handed over the money to the suspects and immediately afterwards they were arrested by detectives and Hess fighters."From waiting nearby.

The three suspects, residents of Migdal Haemek and Afula, aged 21-27, were taken for questioning at the Hadera police station and were imprisoned at the end. This morning, the suspects were brought to a court hearing in Haifa, requesting an extension of their detention.

Illustration. Photo: Pexels

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