Weather forecast: local rains in different parts of the country, risk of flooding in southern streams

Today (Friday) will be partly cloudy in most parts of the country. Moderate southeasterly winds will blow and temperatures are not expected to change. The sea will be wavy and the height of the waves will be between 70-140 cm"M. The water temperature will be 19 degrees.

The predicted temperatures for today: Jerusalem 13-8, Tel Aviv 18-13, Haifa 17-10, Beer Sheva 18-10, Safed 12-6, Ariel 14-9, Modi’in 17-10, Tiberias 19-10 and Eilat 23-11 degrees .

Prospect for the following days: Friday Partly cloudy. From the afternoon, local rain will begin in various parts of the country. Danger of flooding in southern and eastern streams. Temperatures have dropped. On a similar Saturday and on Sundays and Mondays no change is expected. This is what the forecaster Boaz Dayan said.

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