"It’s a special feeling": The first baby for the new year at the Galilee Medical Center

At the Galilee Medical Center, it took more than five full hours for the first baby of the new year to appear in the world, in one of the 12 delivery rooms.

The first baby, the son of Asma and Adel Ibrahim from the village of Kabul, was born at 05:19 in the morning, weighing 3.195 kg."third.

Midwife Hadas Trabelsi says: "Yesterday morning Asma arrived at the maternity ward after suffering from pain. I was just working there, and since she was released, I told her with a laugh: ‘See you at night and you will probably give birth at the beginning of the new year’. This is exactly what happened, and on the night shift I met her again, this time in the delivery room, after returning with contractions and dehydration, as part of my role as a midwife".

Asma, 32, who is the third child, after a son and a daughter, says: "It is a special feeling to give birth at the beginning of a new year. I thank the medical and nursing staff for their dedicated and wonderful care, and wish a happy and healthy New Year to all".

Photo: Courtesy of the Galilee Medical Center

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