Net Israel’s social network

Israel’s Net social network airs tonight (Saturday) with the start of the new year 2022.

On the social network you can:

• Post, share, comment and tag Blake if you like

• Broadcast live or post a voice message

• Create albums and upload photos and videos

• Send jeep photos (gift) and stickers

• Chat with each other and chat with each other

• Follow each other and receive notifications about who viewed your profile or commented on your posts

• Write articles, start blogs and groups

• Create surveys

• Sell products in the trading arena

• Upload documents and allow for easy download

• Open events and invite people

• Post sponsored ads and promote posts and pages

• Raise money for the venture you dreamed of

• Play network games and watch movies

• And even earn money and points (you can also send to each other)

All users who register on the site will receive a free premium account and will be able to enjoy a variety of options. (The benefit period is limited until the decision of the net management)


Sign in now and open a profile on the new social network:


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