An agricultural tool operator was killed after being trapped in a pruning machine in the Western Galilee

An agricultural tool operator in his 70s was recently (Sunday) captured by a pruning machine in an area near Wadi Selma in the Western Galilee. Four fire and rescue crews were rushed to the scene and began a particularly complex rescue operation using hydraulic tools. After rescuing the man, medics and paramedics from Med"A. had to determine his death on the spot.

Paramedic Med"Michael in Bionishev said: "When we arrived at the scene we saw the man trapped inside the machine. After the rescue operations of the fire department, we performed medical tests on him but he was without signs of life and we had to determine his death on the spot."

Police officers arrived at the scene of the accident, are investigating the circumstances and a report has been forwarded to the Ministry of Labor.

Photo: Spokeswoman 22"The north
Photo: Spokeswoman 22"The north

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