Cabinet approved: HIM"M. was defined as the National Unit for the War on Terror

The government today (Sunday) approved the proposal of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Minister of Internal Security Amar Bar-Lev to announce the special police unit"M), as an operational-national unit for the war on terror. The decision, which aims to strengthen the capabilities of the sea"M, relies on staff work led by the National Security Headquarters (Mel"L) in recent years, which has recommended advancing the move.

For the move, the Prime Minister’s Office will allocate about NIS 10 million"H. In 2022 for the purpose of strengthening capabilities and means of navigation"M, condensing the combat lineup, increasing manpower and upgrading operational capability, with an emphasis on weapons and training infrastructure. At the same time, an outline for continued funding will be formulated for the approval of the 2023 budget.

Special Police Unit for Combating Terrorism (Jr"M) is an elite unit of the Israel Police, which combines a variety of unique capabilities and means of combating terrorism and complex criminal incidents, while constantly cooperating with all security and intelligence organizations in Israel, in order to realize its relative advantage in the field.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at the beginning of the cabinet meeting: "A few weeks ago, on Hanukkah, I visited a sea exercise"From together with the Minister of the Interior"P., Amar Bar-Lev, and with Machaf"To the police, Chief of Staff Yaakov Shabtai. I saw the warriors of the sea"From there in action, practicing what they know best to do – taking over a terrorist incident, with determination, efficiency and professionalism. I want to tell you – you should not mess with them. Gentlemen, starting today the special police unit – the sea"M – is the national unit for the fight against terrorism of the State of Israel. For many years, the unit’s fighters and commanders have saved many lives, in a series of operations on which not everyone can expand their speech. I tell you, we are in good hands. Our goal, and the goal I set for Lim"M, is that heim"M will be the best counterterrorism unit in the world".

Photo: Haim Tzach / Le"M

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