Happiness: Unemployed people will be able to continue receiving other benefits at the same time in the coming year

The Ministerial Committee on Legislative Affairs today (Sunday) approved the proposal of the Minister of Finance, Avigdor Lieberman, and the Minister of Welfare, and Social Security Meir Cohen, to extend for another year the extension of the temporary directive on non-offsetting unemployment benefits from those eligible. Disability, income security or alimony.

The move means that unemployed people during 2022, who will be entitled to an unemployment benefit in parallel with a senior citizen’s pension, disability, income support or alimony, will continue to receive these benefits in addition to the unemployment benefit, similar to the situation in the last two years. This will prevent harm to these populations who would have expected to lose a significant portion of their income had it not been for the extension of the temporary order.

Minister of Finance, Avigdor Lieberman: "In light of the continued spread of the Corona virus and out of responsibility and understanding that there are still a limited number of limited, unemployed older people and disadvantaged populations – we decided to extend the double allowance to avoid harming those populations as much as possible and understanding the complex reality these days.".

Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Meir Cohen: “Although we have kept the economy open, we are still in a state of social emergency where more vulnerable populations need to be shown flexibility and responsibility. The meaning of extending the regulations that allow for double benefits will prevent tens of thousands of families from certainly deteriorating into poverty, which will also greatly hurt them and will ultimately cost us more.".

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