Mevaseret Zion: A one-month-old baby was accidentally locked in a car and shirt in peace

A call was received today (Sunday) at the center of the “Friends” organization, about a one-month-old baby who was accidentally locked in a car in front of her father on Hachalanit Street in Mevaseret Zion. Volunteers from the organization’s local branch responded to the call and, using the equipment in their possession, safely rescued the baby, without causing damage to the vehicle.

Moshe relates: "I just got the kids back from school to home. I got the call and immediately hurried to the address, I arrived within minutes. Jonathan joined me and together we rescued the little baby in peace. This is very exciting to me, this is the first time I am rescuing. To rescue such a small baby, it’s more exciting. The father thanked us very much".

Photo: ‘Friends’

In ‘Friends’, parents are repeatedly called upon to carry the car key and not give it to the children.

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