Ganz: "I was disappointed with ministers who talk about security – in rooms they talk differently"

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz spoke today (Monday) at the opening of the Blue and White faction meeting. At the outset, Ganz addressed the Corona issue and said: "Tse"L was prepared for full support in the hospitals – re-recruitment of the soldiers serving in the hospitals in administrative positions, recruitment of hundreds of medics to assist with the vaccination efforts and if necessary – support for hundreds of home patients in the community. At the same time, the Home Front Command was also held to assist senior institutions".

Regarding the security situation in Gaza and the island"Q Indicated: "As we respond to the launch of incendiary balloons, we will charge a price and make it clear to our enemies that "Mistakes" Pay – so they make sure they do not come back. We are still on alert in Judea and Samaria, where IDF forces"To deploy and prevent terrorist groups, some of which are targeted by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organizations, from carrying out attacks. The steps we are taking on the ground are intended to bring security – and we are prepared to harm anyone who tries to harm us: terrorists, and also their senders, from wherever they operate."

Regarding the meeting with Abu Mazen, he said: "As Minister of Defense, it is my job to take care of that"To ready for war or battle. As a statesman, my job is to act to prevent the war. The need to maintain the security of Israeli citizens and the fight against Hamas are the main reason why I met with Yu last week."The Palestinian Authority, which is why I will continue to meet both with him and with other factors in the region with whom the dialogue helps our stability, security and interests. I have heard the reviews and I repeat – whoever is responsible for sending troops into battle, is the one who is responsible for doing everything to prevent it. I was disappointed with government ministers who preferred to speak from a political position at the expense of security needs. In rooms, they also sound different. For me, wherever the political interest conflicts with security – security must always prevail."

Photo: Knesset Channel

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