Jerusalem: Toddler locked in a shirt in peace by ‘Friends’ volunteers

A call was received today (Monday) at the center of the “Friends” organization, about a toddler about three years old, who was accidentally locked in a car in front of her mother, on Torah Mitzion Street in Jerusalem. Gershon Ginuar, Israel Mintzberg and Yonatan Ben Yishai, the drivers of the Jerusalem branch, responded to the call and, using the dedicated equipment in their possession, rescued the toddler safely and without causing damage to the vehicle.

Gershon describes: "I had just finished reading a puncture call to the driver, not far from the scene. I arrived quickly and befriended Israel and Jonathan who had already begun the rescue operation. Although the car door was stubborn, we quickly managed to open it and handed it to the caring mother of her daughter, when she was healthy and intact".

Photo: ‘Friends’

In ‘Friends’, parents are repeatedly called upon to carry the key with them every time they get in and out of the vehicle, so as not to be locked with the child inside alone.

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