Minister Nachman Shai on approving the relief: "This is an important and significant step"

The Minister of the Diaspora, Dr. Nachman Shai, responded recently (Monday) to the approval of the concessions on entry into Israel. “I welcome the new concessions approved today for foreigners entering Israel. This is an important and significant step for which we have fought in recent weeks, in order to restore the connection between the State of Israel and Diaspora Jewry." Said Minister Shai.

Shai added: "However, we must formulate a comprehensive and long-term policy to allow the entry of foreigners, from any country whose center of life or relatives are in Israel, assuming that in the future there may be further changes depending on the spread of the virus in the world. The conditions of entry into Israel must be maintained even in times of crisis or in the event of the emergence of a new variant, and entry requests must be approved uniformly, transparently and consistently, for each man and woman vaccinated and subject to isolation if required. With such a policy, we will be able to avoid further crises with world Jewry in the near and long term."

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