A resident of Lod is accused of threatening and sexually harassing the network"A former importer will be infected

The Central District Attorney’s Office today (Tuesday) filed an indictment in the Ramla Magistrate’s Court against Shalom Abdi (25) from Lod, for threats and sexual harassment of former MK Hiba Yazbek through many messages he used to send her on Facebook.

According to the indictment, "During 2020, Hiba Yazbek served as a Member of the Knesset in the Twenty-third Knesset in the State of Israel, on behalf of a party "The common list". By virtue of her position, Yazbek has created an official profile on the Facebook network, through which surfers were allowed to send her personal messages. In March 2020, following the publication of a Knesset member’s political statement, the defendant sent her a large number of messages via his Facebook profile, which contained threats and were of a sexually explicit nature."

H"As a former importer will be infected. Photo: Knesset website

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