"The Israeli government continues to lie to the public, assuring us that at the Chumash Yeshiva they will not touch or destroy"

The ‘Red Line Protest’ organization responded to the disconnection of the electricity system of Yeshivat Chumash A."Police forces this morning (Tuesday): "While approving the Electricity Law for tens of thousands of illegal buildings in the Negev and Galilee, IDF and police forces arrive on behalf of the Bennett Abbas government and terrorize the yeshiva’s electricity system in Chumash and destroy other buildings. Our goal is to replace this government and settle Judea and Samaria with millions of settlers. It will happen, sooner or later".

The head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan, sharply attacked: "The Israeli government has lost the north. There has never been such a thing – this is the first time that instead of fighting the terrorists, the response on the territory of the government is instead of fighting the senders of the terrorists – fighting the victims, fighting the settlement. Responsibility for the destruction lies first and foremost with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett."

The meeting stated: "Some people think that the murder of Yehuda Dimentman is a good opportunity to reward terrorism and innovate and implement the disengagement plan again. The tremendous support we receive from tens of thousands of people who come to Chumash in the cold and rain, probably stands against the will and does not allow it to be implemented. Therefore, cops are sent in the hallucinatory manner in the early morning to take out mothers and children from temporary tents. We call on the public to continue to come and support us, strengthen the grip on the Chumash and thus prevent the destruction of the yeshiva!".

Photo: Without credit
Photo: Without credit

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