The National Planning and Building Council has approved: A new settlement will be established in the Gaza Strip

A discussion took place today (Tuesday) at the National Planning and Construction Council, at the end of which the Council approved and recommended the establishment of the Hanun community, east of Kibbutz Sa’ad in the Gaza Strip within the Sdot Negev Regional Council.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing is promoting the planning of the new settlement ‘Hanun’ (temporary name), and a planning memorandum prepared by the Ministry of Rural Affairs in the Ministry of Trust for the promotion and establishment of new settlements has been submitted to the council. The establishment of the new settlement is in accordance with the government’s policy of promoting the development of the periphery and strengthening settlement in the periphery in the Negev and the Galilee and the Gaza Strip. The new settlement will meet the demand for settlement in the area, and will strengthen our southern border with the Gaza Strip. The settlement will be established as a community settlement for about 500 families, with a mix of building density in response to young families at different stages of their lives destined to be absorbed into the settlement.

The establishment of the new settlement in this area will give significant settlement momentum in the area, according to the growing need of a new audience that finds interest in settlement in this part of the country, will meet the demand, without any scenic or environmental damage.

The Minister of Construction and Housing, Zeev Elkin, said: "I am happy with the council’s decision, there is enormous national importance in establishing a new settlement these days, especially in the Gaza Envelope. We are determined to continue to build and develop settlement in all parts of the country. Since I took office as Minister of Construction and Housing, we have strengthened the Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria, and today we are also strengthening the Gaza Strip."

CEO"To the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Aviad Friedman, stated: "This is an important step in expanding settlement in the Gaza Envelope, which is a significant reinforcement for the entire region. I expect the new settlement to benefit many young families who choose to live in it."

Photo: Haim Tzach / Le"M

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