After the riot: The “Electricity Law” was finally approved by the Knesset plenum

The Knesset plenum today (Wednesday) approved, after a heated debate in the second and third readings, the Planning and Construction Bill (Amendment No. 136)."B. of h"As Walid Taha and a group of MKs.

After the Likud factions, Q."S. Torah Judaism and religious Zionism boycotted the hearing that began last night, in protest of the implementation of Article 98, this morning the meeting was resumed to vote on the reservations. The opposition was present in the plenum but did not participate in the voting. After all reservations were rejected the law was approved on third reading by a majority of 61 supporters, and three abstained.

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Noam Moskowitz

The opposition boycotted the vote except for a vote on one reservation "This amendment will enter into force only after the publication of a general order that allows electricity to be connected to the settlements of the young settlement.". The opposition asked for a name vote and voted in favor. When h"As Nir Orbach voted against the reservations, members of the opposition shouted "Shame, shame". During the vote, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett approached the opposition benches and confronted Knesset members, until Shiv"MK Miki Levy approached him and asked him to return to his seat. The reservation was not accepted when 65 Knesset members objected to 51 who supported the reservation.

The conclusion of the debate was tumultuous, with many members of the opposition voicing protest during H.’s speech"As Taha who said among other things: "Electricity is used as a punishment tool against an entire society and that is why you are angry today, because the houses will be connected to electricity and the citizens will get to see it according to planning criteria. The next step will be to accelerate the planning of the undeveloped localities. Why should Arab citizens go through torment in every area of ​​life? I understand that you are going crazy and it’s good that way, it is better for a country to run amok in the opposition, than for you to run wild in the coalition and the government."

H"About David Amsalem said: "This is an unconstitutional law, we will cut you off from electricity when we return to power. Are you not ashamed? You are stealing the country, the lands are state lands. We will insist that the lands of the state be returned to the state even if it includes a world war."

Lieutenant US"The Knesset, h"Mansour Abbas, who chaired the meeting, said: "2.5% of the country’s land is the area of ​​the Bedouin in the Negev – 300,000 inhabitants. We want the series. The Likud has established several settlements in Ksifa, Lakiya, Arara, and regional councils, but has not invested resources. In the previous government of Benjamin Netanyahu, a decision was also submitted to the cabinet to recognize three localities. We have brought stability, we have transferred a budget, you are angry that you have lost power, you have lost jobs and you have lost your cars. This is how it is in a democracy, once in the opposition and once in the coalition."

During the summary of the hearing, Yu"R. Interior Committee, h"As Walid Taha in Arabic, which provoked the protest of a number of MKs in the opposition. H"As a poet: "If you were a decent man you would speak Arabic and then translate to 98 percent who do not understand you". H"About Mickey Zohar said: "You brag in Arabic to your audience at home, this is an Israeli parliament established by the Jews. It will turn on you" H"About David Amsalem said: "Two Arabs speak Arabic to each other on the podium. Do you understand what we’ll be here for?" H"Haim Katz added: You are speaking here now"R. A committee that presents a law and we can not understand". H"As Taha responded to the remarks and replied: "The fact that you do not know Arabic is your problem. Why did you not learn Arabic?".

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Noam Moskowitz

E"According to the proposal, it is proposed that the Minister of the Interior may stipulate in the order, after consultation with the district committee, that it will be possible to connect a residential building, built before 2018, located in the area defined in the order, electricity, water or telephone without a building permit. This is subject to a number of conditions, including: A detailed plan has been submitted by one of the parties listed in the bill, which in some cases must be in accordance with a comprehensive plan that has begun in place or it has been decided to deposit it.

In addition, it is proposed to determine the conditions under which the person requesting to connect these structures is required to meet, such as an undertaking to apply for a permit within the time specified in the bill, as well as attaching a bank guarantee to pay the charges that will apply when the permit is granted.

The explanatory memorandum to the proposal reads: "In many localities in Israel, mostly Arab localities, the residents suffered for years from a lack of planning, and therefore the residents of these localities were unable to issue building permits and connect to electricity, water or telephone. In most cases the same residents ended up connecting to electricity, water or telephone illegally.

The bill is primarily intended to ensure that the said connections are made legally and safely, in part because connecting a building to electricity illegally may be done in an unsafe manner and greatly endanger those who live in the same building and those who are in its vicinity. As proposed, the connection to electricity will be made legally and safely and in accordance with the safety requirements of the IEC.

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Noam Moskowitz

Also, the purpose of the bill is to enable an adequate standard of living for tens of thousands of people living in houses built without a building permit and not connected to a proper infrastructure suitable for Israel at that time."

The hearing began last night when Hugh"R. Interior Committee h"As Walid Taha introduced the bill. In his opening remarks, h"As Taha for the decision to boycott the hearing and said "I would like to congratulate the opposition that made the right decision and is absent from the courtroom and thus spared us a lot of poison, incitement and hatred that were supposed to be broadcast over this podium. Their trolls will not help them at all. The opposition submitted reservations amounting to 94 hours of speech, four days, and the Knesset committee saw this as an illogical thing and asked to shorten it to something that could be contained that was supposed to last 15 hours."

After Michan referred h"As Taha to the law itself and said: "The head of the opposition, who was part of the oppression of Arab society throughout his tenure, comes out with an inciting video that is all lies. He and the opposition have a problem that homes of Arab citizens built on their private land, without a permit because it is simply impossible to get a permit, will be connected to electricity. No one took care to plan these settlements to allow these citizens to do what every Jewish citizen does, who goes to the planning committees and asks for a building permit. So neither plan nor expect people not to build. What solution did they expect? Only a fool who thinks that neither they will plan nor anyone will build. People have been forced to build their homes without a permit, and are still being prosecuted to this day.

This issue of electricity connection has been used to this day as a tool of punishment against the Hebrew citizen. I know the military administration ended in 66 but there are civilian mechanisms that do the work of the military administration. Life has its own power so I proposed a law that upset them, why? Because they liked that we accept the rules of the game that someone set. So no, we wanted an electricity law based on planning logic. Electricity for women Children men and patients is not a terrible thing. The state had to make sure that these children and women got the electricity and not wait for Walid Taha in 2022. As if it is good for someone that people are connected to the electricity in a pirated way and every year Misa people die."

US"Likud Rabbi Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Black Day for Zionism and Democracy! The Bennett-Ra’am government today broke another anti-Zionist and anti-democratic record! Today, it approved the RAAM Electricity Law for the connection of tens of thousands of illegal structures to electricity. In doing so, it prepares for the Islamic Movement’s takeover of the Negev and the Galilee and fulfills a central pillar of the Palestinian plan to exercise the “right of return.” In the same breath, the Bennett-Ra’am government voted against our proposal to connect the young settlements in Judea and Samaria to electricity. In order to pass the scandalous electricity law of the Islamic Movement, they broke the legislative process for the first time in the history of the Knesset and acted contrary to the position of the Knesset’s Legal Adviser.

He also said: "The Bennett-Ra’am government creates anarchy in the Knesset. Step by step it is trampling on Zionism and democracy. It unites Palestinian families, promotes a law to silence citizens on social media, a law that allows police officers to enter civilian homes without a court order and a law to disqualify candidates for prime minister. Today, with the Electricity Act, it has reached a new low in its dangerous subservience to the Islamic movement while trampling on democracy with a crude foot. They will not silence our national opposition and they will not shut your mouth, you citizens of Israel."

The Religious Zionist Party stated: "A sad day for the State of Israel. They despaired of Zionism. They transfer everything that is important and precious to us to the control of the Islamic movement. Never resilience, we will return again. We in religious Zionism and in the entire national camp promise with the help of the name to return and correct. To get the State of Israel back on track. Raise the flag of Zionism again. To build and be built in the young and old settlement in the Galilee in the Negev and in Judea and Samaria. Even if they are forgotten and abandoned, we will be rebuilt. Even if my land is on fire, especially when our land is on fire we say in a clear and proud voice – we have no other country. Zionism will win."

The Q. faction"Submitted: "The rift in the nation has never been so severe, and all under the auspices of a government "Healing and Unity" Which was established by public deception and continues to run over its representatives in the opposition, deleting the Knesset rules and disparaging legal advice. The scandalous Electricity Law, which abandons the Negev to lawbreakers and ignores the young settlement, was approved today in violation of the proper procedure and to the protest of about half of the Knesset members. These are black and sad days for Israeli democracy."

Meir Deutsch, CEO"To the Regavim movement, says that the political background noises surrounding the legislation, prevent the public from understanding the implications of the law, and its scope. "As we have said throughout the legislative process – the law is a bad law on a substantive level, since it gives a reward for construction offenses and there to make the planning authorities in Israel laugh. He would not have come into being if this shaky government had not relied on the voices of a pro-terror party".

Regavim warns that the new law and the outline for its implementation, lack sufficiently effective supervisory mechanisms on the part of the Ministry of the Interior, without supervision and without an examination of the planning implications of training the buildings. "Its implementation will be irreversible and it will be a cry for generations that even ten future governments will not be able to fix".

Deutsch points out that the law "The old" It has also made it possible to expedite infrastructure connection procedures in cases where the state actively promotes the series or whitewashing of neighborhoods or buildings erected without a permit, however the new law allows for this in a much more sweeping and wholesale way.

"The Knesset members themselves who voted and argued "for" or "against", Do not know to indicate the scope of application of the new law. MKs who participated in the Interior Committee’s deliberations in the process of drafting the law repeatedly asked professionals to quantify the number of structures to be included in each of the amendments to the law, but Walid Taha did not allow them to respond, and violently and aggressively promoted the law. The predatory procedure, without them knowing what and how much they are voting for", said.

Education Minister Yifat Shasha Bitton wrote on her Twitter account: "She hears the shouts of the opposition, the bullying and unbridled rampage and the lack of respect for the Knesset of Israel – and regrets the example our children and students receive in the education system. This is where it all begins."

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