Pre-reading approval: A day when a parent stores his child will now be recognized as an illness

H.’s bill"As Zvi Hauser (New Hope) seeking to recognize on the day a warehouse parent gave his child an illness was approved today (Wednesday) in the Knesset in a preliminary reading.

H"As Hauser said: "90% of children aged 5-12 are not vaccinated. Urgent vaccine levels for children at this age must be urgently increased. First of all, to prevent harm to them (including the effects of Long COVID), and also to prevent them from infecting others. It should be remembered that a child who is not vaccinated and comes in contact with a verified patient goes into seven days of isolation; And almost automatically also puts his parents in repeated isolations of seven days at a time – something that hurts employers and results in the loss of millions of working days. This bill makes it easier for parents to vaccinate their children and allows parents to vaccinate their children with maximum speed and maximum flexibility."

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