Ministry of Health: As of tonight – there are no more red states

The Ministry of Health today (Thursday) recommended that the government remove all countries from the list of red countries at this stage, in view of the morbidity rate in entering Israel compared to the morbidity rate in the community. The decision will take effect today at midnight (7/1/2022, on the night between Thursday and Friday), subject to the approval of the Government and the Knesset’s Constitution Committee.

The recommendation of the Ministry of Health was accepted in light of the policy defined in advance by the government, according to which the mechanism of the red states will be suspended in a situation in which the number of incoming nationals protested"Falls below 5% of all morbidity in the country.

Countries that will be removed from the list of red states and moved to oranges: United Arab Emirates, USA"In, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Mexico, Switzerland and Turkey.

Despite the change in the definition of the countries, it should be noted that in many countries around the world the morbidity situation is higher than in Israel, and therefore it is advisable to avoid reaching these places unnecessarily as much as possible.

Returning from an orange country:

Vaccinated or recovering – will be able to get out of isolation after receiving a negative test result in the router"C or after 24 hours (whichever is earlier)

Those who are not vaccinated or recovering – will be able to leave the isolation only after receiving the result of two negative tests – on landing and after a week of isolation. The test to complete the isolation on day 7 will be according to the person being tested: at-risk population – PCR, the rest of the population – institutional antigen.

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