Shabbat entry and exit times – Parashat Ba

Parshas Ba is the third Parshas Hashavua in the Book of Exodus. According to the division into chapters, the affair begins in chapter ten, verse one and ends in chapter ten"C, verse t"P. The parsha tells of a plague of locusts, a plague of darkness and a plague of the firstborn and later tells of the Exodus from Egypt. The main commandments that appear in the parsha are the Passover sacrifice, the story of the Exodus from Egypt and the sanctification of the firstborn. Parashat Ba is read between the dates C in the Tribe-Y in the Tribe. In the time of the geniuses, Babylon practiced a different division of the parshas, ​​according to which the parsha began with a hailstorm (Exodus, 9, 10)."third). This affair was called "Parashat Hashem" or "Parashat Hashem in the morning". This is probably the original division of affairs. The last record of this custom is from the 16th century Constantine community, in the book "Passing years" To Rabbi Issachar ben Susan. (Wikipedia).

Shabbat entry:

Jerusalem: 16:15
Elad: 16:21
Netanya: 16:20
Beitar Illit: 16:26
Petah Tikva: 16:11
Tel Aviv: 16:31
Haifa: 16:22
Beer Sheva: 16:34
Eilat: 16:26

Shabbat departure:

Jerusalem: 5:30 p.m.
Beitar Illit, Petah Tikva, Elad and Netanya: 17:31
Tel Aviv: 17:32
Haifa: 17:30
Beer Sheva: 17:33
Eilat: 17:36
Rabbeinu Tam: 18:08

(Shabbat entry and exit times courtesy of Yeshiva website)

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