42 du"Traffic signs were recorded for SUVs traveling in agricultural areas in the north

In the activities of police officers and volunteers Meg"In and Northern District along with Keck"L., Rt"Security forces from the Megiddo and Merom Galil regional councils, the forces in the agricultural areas of the councils acted yesterday (Friday) against SUVs that cause damage to the agricultural areas.

During the activity, 42 duo were recorded"Hut by traffic cops, six vehicles were destroyed off the road, 16 do"Indictment for prohibiting the use of a vehicle, disqualification of one license, three suspects who drove without a driver’s license, indictments were filed and the vehicles were confiscated for 30 days. In addition four do"Hut for drivers who drove motor vehicles without helmets and more.

The police said: "Border police officers and volunteers together with the police districts and other law enforcement agencies in cooperation with the regional councils throughout the country will continue to operate in the agricultural areas in order to provide security and service to the farmers."

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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