A fire broke out in a bathroom in a residential apartment in Haifa, and the occupants of the house managed to escape

A fire broke out today (Sunday) in a residential building on Queen Esther Street in Haifa, following a bathtub that ignited in the bathroom of the apartment. Firefighters from the Haifa station, under the command of Rabbi Reshef Ronen Atias, arrived at the scene and were directed by the occupants of the house, who managed to escape from the apartment and acted to extinguish the fire and release the smoke from the apartment. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Photo: Fire and Rescue Spokeswoman for Israel
Photo: Fire and Rescue Spokeswoman for Israel

Maccabees"Delivered: "The fire that broke out on the second floor out of four endangered the occupants of the upper floors and hence we want to mention that one should stay away from the smoke, put a damp rag on the smoke inlet and find a clean air window until the end of the event by firefighters."

Photo: Fire and Rescue Spokeswoman for Israel
Courtesy of Fire and Rescue Spokeswomen for Israel

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