An integrated enforcement operation in Megiddo Regional Council against SUVs traveling in agricultural areas

A combined enforcement operation by the Megiddo Regional Council, Border Police officers and volunteers and other elements, took place this weekend in the council’s areas. Police officers and volunteers from Meg took part in the activity"In and Northern District together with Keck"The Megiddo Regional Council’s Nature and Parks Authority and the Security Department of the Megiddo Regional Council, headed by Eliav Nahari, with the head of the council, Itzik Kholovsky, and the commander of the Megiddo region, Eyal Moadi, closely monitor and supervise the combined operation.

Photo: MA Megiddo

The forces operated in two sectors, Nahal HaKini and the area of ​​Kibbutz Gilad, and 36 law enforcers took part, inspecting 69 SUVs and two-wheelers and distributing 15 two-wheelers."Traffic jams, 5 were caught without helmets, 2 were prosecuted, 2 vehicles were taken off the road. This is the second operation in the last month in the Megiddo area.

Photo: MA Megiddo

The head of the Megiddo Regional Council, Itzik Kholovsky, initiated the first by-law of its kind in Israel that operates in Megiddo, which allows for"Duty for drivers traveling on agricultural land throughout the council and consequently than these days in the Knesset a law restricting off-road driving on marked trails throughout Israel.

Photo: MA Megiddo

Kholovsky said after the operation: "MA Megiddo continues to lead together with the excellent partners a determined fight against the riot of motor vehicles. The task is difficult and complex, but we will not shy away and we will continue and maintain our commitment to address the difficult phenomenon by many different means.".

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