Five suspects were arrested during the evacuation of outposts in northern Samaria, eight Meg fighters"In slightly injured

This morning (Monday), the security forces carried out enforcement activities to evacuate a number of illegal buildings in the Oz Zion outpost. During the operation a number of suspects attacked the forces as a result of which two wounded fighters were injured"B lightly treated in the field. Five suspects were arrested.

During the evacuation, two settlers barricaded themselves in one of the buildings and confined themselves to the building using an iron and concrete installation while risking their lives. Border guards, together with a special rescue team from the Home Front Command, worked for many hours, taking extra care to get the fortifications out unscathed.

In addition, during the evacuation, a number of olive trees were set on fire near the outpost, and as a result, a fire broke out, which was extinguished after the fighters were launched by the fighters.

Earlier today in Chumash, the forces arrived to confiscate construction materials at the site. During the evacuation, several settlers blocked a security force vehicle while hitting the vehicle, ripping its handles, getting under the vehicle and holding its wheels. In addition, they blocked the axis with stones and a vehicle.

Troops evacuated the settlers and as a result of the clashes, six fighters were lightly injured and treated on the spot.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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