"Infected physicians should be allowed to work on the basis of whether they are more dangerous or conducive to patients"

Against the background of the publication of the Ministry of Health’s initiative to allow positive medical staff in Corona to continue working and on the other hand, the opposition to the initiative says this morning (Monday) d"R. Ehud Drucker Deputy Director of Meller"D. Biya"H. Assuta Ashdod Public, who was last night positive for Corona after being infected by a patient: "The whole world is facing a contagious wave of disease from its predecessors, at the forefront of the struggle are the medical people who make day and night for all the patients. Unfortunately, in the coming days we are expected to see an extreme increase in the number of patients and many of them will be doctors and nurses due to the nature of their work and their proximity to patients. The debate over whether physicians who have fallen ill can continue to work should be examined in the light of the simple fact that the absence of those physicians may seriously harm patients themselves, and therefore the return of non-symptomatic physicians should be positively considered. "

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