Cabinet of Experts: Yes leave schools open, no for mass gatherings

Against the background of the fifth wave and the spread of the Omicron variant, the Ministry of Health’s expert cabinet convened yesterday (Monday) and recommended not to close the schools – but to allow hybrid learning. Move to remote work while providing compensation and the elderly population to reduce social gatherings in the coming weeks.

In the opinion they wrote: "The data protested"L continue to demonstrate reduced violence of Omicron vis-à-vis Delta with regard to hospitalizations, and even more so – with respect to critical and respiratory patients. In various countries, despite this decline, the large volume of infections produces a heavy burden on local health systems – but not to the point of collapse."

More wrote: "A reasonable working assumption for preparation is that the peak of the wave will create a heavy burden on the health system and impair the quality of care, which may well prevent quality-of-life-saving care from patients who need it. This will happen both because of patient overload (system absorption capacity and prevention of hospitalization, number of inpatients, number of respirators) already stretched to the limit in the treatment of tens of thousands verified in the community and due to staff shortages which is already significant (morbidity and isolation). Due to the inevitable change in testing policy, we have lost the ability to estimate the daily number of infected, and a sample-shaped mechanism is required that returns the ability to continuously estimate the true number of infected."

Photo: AP Photo / Lisa Leutner

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