Caught on hot: A vehicle owner caught a man breaking into his vehicle and holding him until police arrived

The vigilance of the owner of the vehicle, whose vehicle got stuck due to a technical malfunction and turned to the nearby gas station, prevented a suspect who broke into his vehicle and tried to escape with his cell phone, to succeed in his mission. The owner of the vehicle identified the case in real time and ran towards the burglar, grabbed him and held him until the police arrived at the scene. The suspect, in his 40s, a resident of North Jerusalem, was arrested by the police and later, the telephone was also seized.

The Prosecution Division of the Israel Police today (Tuesday) filed an indictment against the suspect in the car burglary and theft of a mobile phone from it and asked to be detained until the end of proceedings against him.

The owner of the vehicle told police that his vehicle got stuck due to a technical malfunction and while waiting to be rescued, the citizen went to the nearby gas station to purchase something. At one point he noticed a suspect walking around the car and suddenly burst into it and stole the cell phone from it. As soon as he noticed this, he ran towards him and grabbed him until the police arrived, with the help of a number of civilians who passed by.

The police said: "The Israel Police will continue its determined action against those who commit criminal offenses that harm the security of the citizen and his property, and will work to enforce the law with the property offenders wherever they are."

Photo: pixabay

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