VAT payments"From next month for the self-employed and small businesses postponed by ten days

US"R. Finance Committee, h"About Alex Kushnir said recently (Tuesday) at the committee hearing: "Regarding the self-employed and small businesses, I turned to the director of the Tax Authority, Eran Yaakov, to examine the deferral of VAT payments."From these businesses in the coming month and I answered in the affirmative – the payments were deferred by ten days. In addition, I asked to consider the people who apply to the tax authority with a liquidity problem, and I was told that the authority would examine the applications that would arrive in order to allow the deployment. Until we get data on harm to small businesses, one of the important steps we need to take is to enable them to address the problem of liquidity. I congratulate Eran Yaakov who agreed and the Minister of Finance who gave his blessing".

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