An indictment has been filed against 4 Umm al-Fahm residents: "3 island residents were brutally robbed"Q and sexually assaulted one of them"

A police investigation was opened on December 25, 2001, upon receiving a report from a resident of the Hebron area that during a time with his relatives – another man and woman (59,61 – also residents of the Hebron area) in the skeleton of a building in Umm al-Fahm, they were brutally robbed by several suspects , While also robbing the woman’s jewelry and sexually assaulting her.

A special investigation team set up at the Umm al-Fahm police station conducted a complex and sensitive investigation, an investigation that soon led to the arrest of three city residents aged 22-24 and another 17-year-old minor, also a city resident when part of the stolen money was seized. The detention of the defendants has been extended from time to time and this morning, as stated, an indictment will be filed against them on Bim"Q. Hadera Begin attributed to them. In addition, a request will be submitted for the forfeiture of the vehicle which was used by the defendants at the time of the robbery.

Illustration. Credit: freepik

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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