An indictment was filed against the 45-year-old for assaulting his 76-year-old mother and imprisoning her

A police investigation was opened on 5.1.22, regarding a report received at the police station about a 76-year-old woman who was evacuated to the hospital with a bruise and injured, after escaping from her apartment where she was attacked and imprisoned by her 45-year-old son. In possession of a knife, after being taken over, he was arrested for questioning.

According to the indictment filed recently (Wednesday), by the prosecution branch of the Lachish police, the defendant at night at the time, violently assaulted his mother in her room while punching her in the face and rib area and causing her bruises. In addition, the defendant took two knives with which he cut his mother in her arms and abdomen. All this while making threats on her life.

The defendant then took his mother’s mobile device, disconnected the internet cable and locked the apartment door while forbidding her to leave and call for help, thus imprisoning her in her home. In the morning when the defendant left the apartment, the mother managed to escape to a nearby store and there call for help. Recently, as stated, the serious indictment was filed against the defendant and a request for his continued detention until the end of the proceedings.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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