Due to omicron disease: Med blood services"A. The public is urgently called upon to come and donate blood

Due to the growing morbidity of the omicron virus, there is a significant decrease in blood donation, which causes severe damage to the blood supply in the country, hospital activity and the state’s readiness for emergencies. Hence the blood services of a meter"A. The public is called upon to come and donate blood, with an emphasis on those with negative blood type O and Rh (A- and B-). In the blood services of a meter"A. Anyone who feels well, meets the Ministry of Health’s blood donation indices, and those who have at least 14 days passed from the date of exposure to a verified corona patient, or from the date of recovery from the virus, come and donate blood at the blood donation points of Med"A. Across the country that operate in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health for dealing with the corona virus.

Photo: Spokeswoman Med"A

People with type O blood make up 35% of all blood donors in Israel, and are considered universal blood donors – since the blood doses donated can be given to anyone who needs a blood transfusion to save their lives, even when an urgent blood transfusion is needed, without the patient’s blood type. It is important to remember that blood has no substitute and that any dose of blood can help save the lives of three sick or injured people who need blood transfusions. Due to the significant difficulty in raising the required amount of blood and the decrease in the blood supply of type O doses, difficulties may be caused in the blood supply to the hospitals, which can lead to real disruption of routine medical activities, postponement of surgeries and emergency preparedness.

Photo: Spokeswoman Med"A

Before arriving at the donation site, it is advisable to check in advance as there may be changes in the donation sites and / or the blood donation dates on the Med website."A. at the address http://www.mdais.org/dam Or by phone 03-6610567. Those interested in inviting a fundraising team to organizing groups (over 30 people) in the residential neighborhoods and workplaces can contact the blood services of Med"A. Phone 03-6610567

VP"To blood services in the meter"A., Prof. Eilat Shinar: "The sick and injured need blood transfusions as life-saving treatments. The difficulties caused by the corona in general and the omicron variant in particular make it very difficult to maintain blood donations in the required daily amount, in order to meet the requirements of the hospitals. In order to supply blood to the various patients, and maintain the blood supply required of them, we urgently need at least 1000 volunteer blood donors every day, and ask anyone who can reach one of the donation points of Med"A. and donate blood to save lives".

Photo: Spokeswoman Med"A

CEO"To meter"A, Eli Bin: "Due to the lack of blood rations – we call on the public to raise them and donate for the other, so that we can continue to help save lives and give everyone the care they need and the help they need. Any donation can save a life and help the other. It’s time for mutual help."

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