Ha"As a stronghold: This is how Minister Kahana’s reform harms kosher observers

US"R. Noam Party, ha"As Avi Maoz of the Religious Zionist faction, he explained today (Wednesday) in the Knesset plenum why he opposes the kashrut reform promoted by the Bennett-Lapid government by the Minister of Religious Affairs, Matan Kahana.

"About a year ago, Tzohar Food Supervision filed a petition against the Chief Rabbinate demanding that they be allowed to grant kosher status to imported food products.", Opened a stronghold. "In the State’s answer, written by"The Bag Department"Zim in the State Attorney’s Office, which has now been exposed following a demand from the “Fitness” organization, listed, among other things, significant kosher failures in the “Food Inspection” process. Among other things, the following failures are mentioned there:
• Tzohar provided supervision services in places where the supervision of the rabbinate was removed, after a kosher fraud was found."The rabbinate, in stark contrast to the declaration of the Tzohar rabbis, must wait three months from the removal of the rabbinate’s kosher.
• Providing retroactive kosher wine without supervision – 7 years back.
• Kosher for a bakery inside a restaurant where there is an adjoining kitchen with carnivorous meat and milk dishes.
• Providing kosher status to a hotel from which the rabbinate’s supervision was removed due to serious failures of cooking on Shabbat and meat and milk problems while leaving the same overseer who failed in his duty.
• Complaint of a guest at a guest house about food cooked on Shabbat and lack of response of noon.
Issuing inspection certificates for insect-infected artichokes after the rabbinate has disqualified the artichokes". Said Maoz.

In a speech in the Knesset plenum, Maoz explained: "The case is"This is an excellent demonstration of what is expected to bring the kosher reform to the level of kosher status in the State of Israel. Under the reform, local rabbinates can provide kosher throughout the country, and kosher bodies, which will be business corporations, such as Tzohar Food Supervision, will be able to choose whether to grant kosher according to the standards of the Chief Rabbinate or according to the so-called Three Committees. , Just as Tzohar Food Supervision currently provides supervision according to the standards of Tzohar rabbis. What is expected is also the setting of standards that are not acceptable in the world of halakhic law, but mainly the inability to enforce compliance with those standards, and the actual encouragement of businesses to seek the rabbinate or the kosher body that is most lenient and least observant of halakhic requirements.".

Finally he said ha"about: "The kosher reform has it all. Privatization of the Chief Rabbinate, privatization of the kashrut system, competition between kosher corporations, market entry of thousands of supervisors who will be left without a livelihood, but one thing does not exist: basic kosher, for most of the people of Israel who need kosher with a quiet heart. This will no longer be the case, and therefore it is fitting that from now on God will be called the reform of non-kosher".

Knesset 15.11.21
Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz / Danny Shem Tov

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