Minister Tamar Zandberg met with Jordanian Ambassador to Israel: "A great and extraordinary opportunity"

The Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, met for the first time today (Wednesday) with the Jordanian Ambassador to Israel, Rassan al-Majali, at her office in Jerusalem. The two talked about regional cooperation and strengthening ties between the countries, in the areas of environment and climate. The Minister welcomed the memorandum of understanding signed between Israel and Jordan.

At the meeting, Minister Zandberg said that this is of great importance, both in terms of regional cooperation, and for the most part in tackling the climate crisis of the two countries, through the necessary transition to renewable energies. In addition, the two discussed the restoration of the Jordan River. Minister Zandberg said that the Ministry of Environmental Protection will work to rehabilitate and remove the pollution from the Jordan River on the Israeli side, while improving the quality and flow of water.

Ambassador al-Majali and Minister Tamar Zandberg agreed on joint work on environmental and climate issues. This is in order to improve the environment and life of the residents of the two countries, as well as of the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg: "I was happy to meet with Jordan’s Ambassador to Israel, Rassan al-Majali. This was an important meeting in which we discussed cooperation between the countries in the fields of environment and climate. The renewal of relations between Israel and Jordan brings with it a great and extraordinary opportunity to strengthen ties between the two countries. We will promote cooperation and deepen regional cooperation in the fields of climate and the environment, for the common interests of the two countries".

Photo: Ministry of Environmental Protection

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