The court ordered a halt to the transformation of the fire brigade into a unit of trust in the Ministry of the Interior

The Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court today (Wednesday) ordered a halt to the transformation of the fire and rescue system into a unit of trust in the Ministry of the Interior. This, following the Histadrut’s appeal against the intention of the Ministry of Internal Security and the Civil Service Commission to carry out the move without"From with employees. The court also ruled that the dress code would remain unchanged, in the shadow of the intention to change it without consent.

The deputy president of the court, Ariela Gilzer-Katz, ruled that in addition to the delay in transferring the formation, the parties will enter into intensive negotiations of three weeks in order to discuss the consequences arising from the move. The Histadrut turned to the court after finding that the intention to make these changes in the lineup is made without transparency and without the participation of workers’ representatives, with Fire and Rescue Commissioner Dedi Simchi – who will soon end his role, promoting unilateral and far-reaching organizational changes that affect workers.

US"The Histadrut"Gil Bar-Tal congratulated the ruling and said: "The decision of the tribunal to prevent the entry into force of the decision and to oblige the state in the transparency and management of Mo."M is the king’s way, and the right way to a fruitful working relationship. Histadrut HaMao"F will stand as a wall in a way to protect firefighters from attempts to deprive them of their rights".

The Histadrut HaMao"Attorneys Yael Shiloni, Sigal Active and Yifat Tavor represented. In accordance with the ruling, Adv"D. Oz Goldberg – Director of the Division of the Histadrut"The trust in the fire and rescue system, together with Hugh"R. National Committee of Firefighters, Lmo"From with representatives of the Fire Authority and the Civil Service Commission in order to settle the disagreements.

archives. Photo: Fire and Rescue Spokeswoman for Israel

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