The employment of a humid fourth parliamentary adviser has been approved"As deaf and liu"Former Knesset Speaker

Knesset Committee, chaired by Ha"As (Nir Orbach) from the Yemina faction, today (Wednesday) unanimously approved the recommendations of the public committee, for determining salaries and payments to Knesset members, headed by Professor Yuval Elbashan, regarding the eligibility of a Knesset member to employ a fourth parliamentary advisor.

A. Moisture aid"About with deafness to be used as a translator in moist sign language"about. As well as financing accommodation expenses for a consultant on the day he ha"C does not live in his home due to his parliamentary activities. This decision follows the committee’s decision, which approved a fourth wet advisor"As which is physically limited.
B. Parliamentary Adviser Fourth Liu"Former Knesset Speaker, in the Knesset that follows the Knesset in which Ha served"כ, כיו"The Knesset. And only in the Knesset next to the Knesset where he currently serves"The Knesset. And in swimming conditions"K. served now"A period of not less than 18 months or a full term.

The Legal Adviser of the Committee, Adv"D. Arbel Astrakhan noted that according to the decision of the committee, in accordance with the recommendations of the public committee, Hugh"Former Knesset Speaker, Hugh"R. Permanent Committee Vio"R. Temporary Committee of the Knesset, Hugh"R. The Coalition and the Opposition Center, and h"If one of his counselors has a serious illness that does not allow him to perform his job, a fourth counselor is entitled to be employed. Adv"D. Astrakhan added that the committee agreed to accept Hugh’s request"Former Knesset Speaker, Ha"About July Edelstein who served about 10 days in the position of Hugh"The Knesset in the previous Knesset, since he served as such"The Knesset for about seven years.

Ha"As Shirley Pinto said: "The issue of hiring an interpreter for sign language is a precedent and challenging for the Knesset, and I am glad that the Knesset is responding to my request and allowing me parliamentary activity. According to her, the translator is close to me for 24 hours, she serves as my paw and ears. Without it, I can do nothing in the Knesset. I wish that every workplace in the country would operate as openly as the Knesset does."

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Danny Shem Tov

Knesset Member Haim Avidor said that this was a special professional worker, and not an ordinary parliamentary assistant, and that her salary had been adjusted to the salary of an interpreter in the economy.

US"R. Committee, Ha"K. Nir Orbach responded to Ha’s claim"As on the terms of the salary of the consultants"Kim and said that the conditions of the advisers should be improved"However, their work is not similar to the work of an interpreter of H."As deaf. Orbach praised the work of the public committee and said that the committee works at a fast pace and referrals to it are discussed professionally and quickly.

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