Ashkelon: The mayor thanked Sarah Zandberg for her position against an agreement with Katza"A

The Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg, arrived this week for a working meeting with the Mayor of Ashkelon, Tomer Glam.

The meeting, which was held at the lookout point on the new northern promenade, was attended by Acting Mayor Sufa Beilin, Deputy Mayor, Mirai Altit, Member of the Council in charge of the Environment, David Ben Avraham, Mayor, Idan David, Director of the Association of Cities for Quality Environment Ashkelon District, Meital Amitai, Director General of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Galit Cohen and other professionals from the Authority and the Ministry. During the tour, the mayor, Tomer Glam, presented the city’s needs, mainly in the field of environmental protection, air pollution and odor nuisances and more. The mayor focused on the issues of recent serious environmental incidents in Ashkelon, the significant danger during rounds of fighting, the potential of environmental risks in the sub"To 95 / a and more.

The mayor also referred to the city’s activity in the fields of waste and recycling, including Government Resolution 4865 to assist the city in establishing a facility for the treatment of urban pruning, the Shef project."Pim and protection of the cliff. The Minister expressed her willingness to assist the city of Ashkelon in the environmental challenges it faces. The mayor thanked Sarah for her uncompromising stance against the EPA, similar to the municipality’s position.

Photo: Eldad Ovadia

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