"Fired at least nine shots from a short distance": Two Haifa residents are charged with the murder of Mahran Mugrabi

The Haifa District Attorney’s Office today (Thursday) filed an indictment in the Haifa District Court against Ahmad al-Dahal (26) and Samer Hafaja (33) for the murder of Mahran Mugrabi from Haifa.

According to the indictment filed by Adv"D. Khaled Khachrush and Adv"D. Tzachi Namirovsky, a conflict arose between the defendant and Dahal and Manoah. Al Dahal believed that the deceased had stabbed him and decided with Hafaja to shoot the deceased and cause his death. In order to enforce the decision from the force, the defendants turned to another and asked him to hand them a gun, which they kept in a huddle in the other’s residence building.

Following the defendants’ request, the other left his home, riding an electric bicycle carrying and carrying the gun, handed the gun to the defendants and continued riding. Nearby, the deceased went out from the alley near his house, into the street while riding an electric bicycle, and began to ride after the other, who was also riding in the same place. At or near the same time, the defendants were traveling in their vehicle spotted the deceased riding the bike, hit him with the vehicle and knocked him off the bike, Hafaja got out of the vehicle fired at the deceased at least nine shots, from a short distance, intentionally causing his death and the defendants fled the scene. The other who was nearby and watched what was happening fled to his home. The deceased was rushed to Ramb Medical Center"M, and there his death was determined.

The indictment attributes to the defendants the offense of aggravated murder and possession, carrying and transporting a weapon.

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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