Minister of Economy Barbibai: “Committed to establishing a state commission of inquiry into the submarine affair”

Tonight (Thursday) a meeting was held between the Security Forum of the Movement for Quality of Government and the Minister of Economy and Industry, Maj. Gen. Orna Barbibai, regarding the demand of the members of the Security Forum to advance the decision-makers’ proposal to establish a state commission of inquiry into the submarines and vessels. A proposal that was put on the cabinet table more than two months ago.

The Minister emphasized her commitment to the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry and said: "I have great appreciation for the determined struggle you are leading to uncover the full truth on such a strategic issue concerning state security. I have no doubt that the commission of inquiry is necessary and required. I will continue to work to bring the issue up for discussion at the government table in order to set up a state commission of inquiry. "

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman Noam Moskowitz

Members of the security forum told Sarah: "This issue is in our minds. What happened in the submarine affair must not happen in democracies. There are many factors that are trying to silence the issue, but it is a matter of national security and we must investigate what happened in these serious cases in depth.".

US"R. Movement for the Quality of Government, Adv"D d"Rabbi Eliad Shraga thanked Sarah at the end of the meeting and said: "The forum will be available to the Minister on the subject as required in order to bring about the investigation of the truth in the affair that apparently fatally damaged state security.".

Hugh attended the meeting"R. Movement for the Quality of Government, Adv"D d"Rabbi Eliad Shraga and former senior members of the defense establishment, including the former head of the Mossad, Tamir Pardo, Major General Giora Island, Major General Dan Harel, Major General Amos Yaron, Major General Ilan Biran and other senior officials.

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