Safed Academic College is the first in the percentage of passing the certification tests of the Bar Association

Safed Academic College is the first of the colleges in Israel to pass, among the first-time examinees, the final certification exams of the Bar Association. This emerges from data published today (Thursday) by the Bar Association. The data show that despite the young age of the Safed Academic College Law School, which was established only in 2008, the percentage of graduates on its behalf who passed the Bar Association’s certification exam for the first time, second only to university graduates.

According to data published today by the Bar Association, 69 percent of the school’s graduates passed the bar exams for the first time, with the College of Management standing second with 67 percent and the Peres Academic Center with 58 percent. The most recent certification exams, Winter 2021, were conducted across the country by the Bar Association on Tuesday, December 28th.

"This is a historic achievement for the School of Law at the Safed Academic College. This impressive achievement of the School of Law is a continuation of a steady increase in recent years in the percentage of passers-by among the school graduates, and is a committing result of the academic and professional transformation that the School of Law has undergone in recent years.", Said today the head of the law school at the Safed Academic College, Prof. Muhammad and Ted, referring to the issue.

President of the Safed Academic College, Prof. Aharon Kellerman: "The success of the graduates of the School of Law is part of the academic momentum of the College, which is reflected in the impressive success rates of the graduates in various subjects examined in external exams".

Photo: Yoni Lubliner

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