The common list: "Police violence expresses the government’s attitude towards the Bedouin Arab public in the Negev"

Members of the Knesset of the joint list, participated today (Thursday) in a demonstration that took place in the Negev against the planting of Kek"To.

The chairman of the joint list, MK Ayman Odeh: “We came to the Negev to stand by whole families who came to fight for their homes and livelihoods and for equality and recognition. Cops began attacking here with rubber bullets, stun grenades and handkerchiefs and spraying hovering gas. It is difficult to describe the terror of civilians whom the state declares war on. “

Sami Abu Shehadeh, chairman of the joint list faction: “Anyone who wants to know what state terrorism is against its citizens should follow what is happening in the Negev. The legitimate demonstration and the protesters became targets for the police forces."

MK Aida Toma-Suleiman: “The message from the dispersal of the demonstration today is clear: the Bedouin Arabs have no right to exist, to own land, to recognition, to shelter, nor to freedom of expression. The government is planning a campaign of looting and repression of the Bedouin Arab population. Apartheid in all its ugliness. ‘

MK Ofer Kasif: “The Arabs of the Negev are not ‘rioting’. They are fighting for their lands and their homes, for real life. The real rioters are the ‘planters’ – the planters of destruction, robbery and hatred. “

Photo: Spokeswoman for the joint list

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