Three Haifa residents are accused of growing dangerous drugs and possession of an explosive mixture

An indictment was filed today (Thursday) against three Haifa residents for growing dangerous drugs and possession of a pyrotechnic explosive mixture weighing more than three kilograms"C. In an apartment in Haifa.

The investigation began on December 28, when it was initiated by detectives from the Central Unit"R) In the Hof district, a search was conducted in an apartment in Haifa, in the framework of which the police uncovered a laboratory for growing dangerous drugs with 79 seedlings of a dangerous drug of the hemp type weighing about 22 kg."C as well as equipment used for growing and drugs such as fans, water tanks, electrical equipment, fertilizers, dozens of planters and more. In the attic of the apartment, a pyrotechnic explosive mixture weighing more than three kilograms was seized"third.

At the end of the search, the police arrested three residents of Haifa (33,26,26) and two residents of Jadeida Makr (26,19) on suspicion of growing drugs and possession of the explosives, and all the findings were transferred to the Israel Police’s forensic and sabotage laboratories.

At the request of the police, the suspects’ detention was extended from time to time and this morning the Haifa Police Branch filed an indictment in the Haifa Magistrate’s Court against three residents of the city for growing dangerous drugs, possession of drugs, careless handling of explosives, operating without explosives and more. To their detention until the end of the proceedings.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

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