Due to the wave of morbidity: Wolfson Hospital is moving to one lender per patient

In view of the high morbidity data, especially in the wake of the omicron wave and the combination of the flu epidemic and winter morbidity, Wolfson Hospital is moving to a one-lender policy for the patient in order to minimize unnecessary contact as part of the national fight against the corona virus.

D"R. Engel, CEO"Lith Wolfson Hospital: "Reducing the number of visitors to a place as sensitive as a hospital is a difficult step, but necessary in light of the circumstances. The caregivers and psychiatric support they provide to patients have invaluable value and without the abnormal morbidity data we would have preferred to leave the situation intact. Having no choice, we are forced to ask the public to join the national camera fight against the virus, to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, to get vaccinated, including to avoid unnecessary contacts.".

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