Network anchor in Knesset debate: “We have no right to allow Jewish identity to be forgotten”

The network’s anchor Natalie Dadon participated today (Monday) in a lobby for the strengthening and preservation of Jewish identity in the Knesset, led by MK Avi Maoz. In the process, Dadon shared with those present her hard feelings about the country’s education system.

In her opening remarks, Dadon recounted her family: “For three years I have been sending my son to a religious kindergarten. I see what he brings home. We are not a religious home, we have our own customs, I have always believed. Recently the consideration of where to continue his studies has put me in a lot of trouble. And when I saw all the distance from the education system I insisted that he study in a religious place. We are not a religious home, but I am very apprehensive about what is happening in the education system. I do not want my child to come from kindergarten and not form an identity. “

Photo: Adina Velman, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

In conclusion, Dadon said: “I am in information groups 24/7, and I see what is happening in the world. I see the growing anti-Semitism, posts by Jews with long noses and terrible things. It strengthens in me the understanding that it is impossible otherwise. That if we do not have the Jewish state – we have no right to forget. We have no right to allow the Jewish identity to be forgotten. “

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