"Shema Israel": A new and exciting duet – Aharon Razel hosts David D’Or

Two of Israel’s favorite artists collaborate for the first time and release a joint song – "Shema Israel".

Aharon Razal said: "What is the real reason people cover their eyes when saying the prayer ‘Shema Yisrael’, the most famous verse in the prayer, and perhaps in all of Judaism? Not because faith is blind, my heart tells me that there is a deep secret here. You have reached a peak moment in prayer and it is time to look inside, like the moment when the bride’s face is covered before the canopy. The connection is so deep and internal that you ask and want to unite with the soul without the external reality of the world."

Razel continued "When I composed the song on the piano. The melody began to rise and rise. As if pulling me up against my will. I heard in my ears the angelic voice of my dear friend, David D’Or and I offered him to sing this song with me. I was very happy that he connected, and I feel privileged to host him in a song in which new words I wrote are interwoven alongside the moving verse ‘Shema Israel’ ".

David d’Or said that "Ever since we studied together, at the Music Academy in Jerusalem, Aharon stood out with his great talent. The music that Aharon writes combines emotion with intellect and really speaks to me. Therefore, when he approached me it was only natural for me to collaborate on a new song.
"Shema Israel" This strong combination of words, which is so familiar to every Jew wherever he is in the world, comes to a strong emotional musical expression, through the high-quality melody that also sounds so Israeli and connected to the place where we live."

Photo: Mati Shreeki

"Shema Israel" It is another single (fourth) from Aharon Razel’s new album ’13’, which is weaving skin and sinew these days and is expected to be released this summer.

Upcoming performances by Aharon Razel:

7.7 Azbar, Ofra
8.8 Gerard Bacher, Jerusalem
6.9 Gola, Petah Tikva

Words – Shema Israel

When the candle suddenly went out, I was left with a star,
And the wind heralded the coming of autumn.
The city has closed its door, and there is no going out and no coming,
And I am in front of you.
I will not forget those days, I felt so alone.
But stand up, how much you were then!
And on a starry night, you hid your face, I covered my eyes in prayer
Hear Israel, God, our God, one God.
And I love you always, with every fiber of my soul, my heart longs for you.
Even on the way, in my walks and in my home rooms, a melting seal is on my heart.
I will not forget those days, I felt so alone,
But stand up, how much you were then!
And on a starry night, you hid your face, I covered my eyes in prayer
Hear Israel, God, our God, one God.

Credits – Shema Israel:

Words and music: Aharon Razel
Singing: Aharon Razel and David D’Or
Vocal and string recordings: Gal Kol studios
Technician: Aviv Yirimi
Guitars: Ariel Aharon
Drums: Amir Aharon
Bass: My father will flourish
Strings: ten string instruments from the Israel Philharmonic
Cello and conducting: Yoad Nir
Vocal recordings: Galkol studios
Other recordings: David Ichilewitz
Mixing: Levi Aran
Works, orchestrations, and musical production: David Ichilewitz
Digital management: Ido Steiner
Taking a picture of 18"Cover: Mati Shreeki
Photography and video editing: MATISHRIKI studio
Artistic direction: Efrat Razel
Digital distribution: mint disc
Personal management: Aryeh Hantz
Public relations for the religious sector: Kobi Sela
Public relations and communication strategy: Anat Steiner

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