Following father… after a long wait it arrives: Elin Golan in a debut single and music video

About ten days ago Elin Golan appeared for the first time on stage at Bloomfield Stadium in front of 30 thousand spectators, twice in a row, on stage she performed her debut single "I don’t have the strength”, since then the network is in turmoil and the buzz is great and everyone is waiting for the official version of the song in question and here it comes…

"I have no power" It is Elin Golan’s debut single that is officially released this morning and brings a fresh and young breath of fresh air to Israeli music.

Pleasant listening!

Words: Elin Golan – "I have no power"

Who is to blame?
Well, who will listen?
I’m used to it
I showed weakness
You changed your attitude
You are such a jerk
And nothing with you ends well

you said
you don’t like when i wear beige
I changed my shirt and became a catch
And you fly on it
And apparently I also changed myself like that

And I have no strength
Your complexes are mind boggling
How do you hate this situation?
I always stay alone

All day just walking around
Even if you want, I’m not coming back to you
Losing direction again
No vaccine can be found for my heart anymore
And again my head is dizzy
Your name on the body already gives me chills
Take your words today
How much space do they take up here?

You changed your image
like dynamite
exploding on me
serious problem
You don’t have a commit
Not committing to me
there is no smoke without fire
And there is no you without me either

C Part.
Someone will eventually have to leave
Between us it is better to close the debt already
There is a full moon in the sky
But here in my heart I feel sick
Who are you? tell me who are you

Elin Golan – "I have no power"

Credits: Elin Golan – "I have no power"

Personal management Elin Golan: Liam Productions and ADD

Filming the clip at the Bloomfield Stadium from Eil Golan’s performance – Liam Productions
Photo mobile: Central – Oren Segal
Producer: Yariv Yaft
Camera director: Uri Slai
Drone photography: Omri Silver

Director behind the scenes: Yariv Horowitz
Photographer behind the scenes: Jan Finkelberg

Video editor: Yoni Girtz
Post producer: Yariv Shalit

Electric guitars: Idan Shneor
Acoustic guitar: Maor Tithon
Percussion: Moshe ben Avraham
Keys: Ofek Yekotiel
Programming: Moshe ben Avraham and Ofek Yekutiel
Voices: Hadas Shor and Moshe ben Avraham
Mixing and mastering: Ofek Yekutiel and Moshe Ben Avraham
Recorded at O&M Studio

New Media: Mobile1
Photography: Aloni Mor

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