How do you survive the long wait on the router?"C with the children?

Summer heat, long queues, restless children and super nervous parents. This is the picture that everyone who comes to the router these days will encounter"third. So just before you arrive at the passport inspection lacking energy and breathing… Hana Yaakovovitz, manager of the occupational therapy field in the Jerusalem and Shefala district at Maccabi Health Services, gives some tips that will help the parents among you to safely navigate the long wait with the children.

Long hours of waiting in lines, failure to meet the schedule, delayed flights, nerves and mess – this is the sad picture of the situation that will be experienced by those who are expected to fly in the coming days for a vacation abroad"To. The long wait in particularly uncomfortable conditions is particularly difficult for the small children and can become a source of suffering for them, their parents and of course also for the other people standing in line. In order to make the stay in line for the flight easier and to make the wait a positive experience for children and parents alike, it is important to organize in advance – this is the key word.

• First, even before leaving the house to the router"C. It is very important to coordinate expectations with the children. Tell them about the steps, which everyone will go through until boarding the plane. Explain to them that long lines are expected because many people want to go abroad"to after not traveling in the year of the Corona and to explain that after the wait we will all get on the plane and go on a fun vacation. It is also a good idea to ask them if they have their own ideas and what would make it easier for them to stand in line. Becoming active drinkers also helps in dealing with the situation.

• As we know, hunger is one of the factors that makes all of us, adults and children alike, nervous and impatient. Therefore, it is important to stock up in advance with small bags with a sandwich, healthy cereal and a bottle of water, etc. in order to satisfy the children’s hunger. Even a bag with cut vegetables in many colors can do the job and provide employment even for a short time. It is recommended to also stock up on wet wipes for any trouble that may arise.

• It is important to equip yourself in advance with a small backpack containing board games suitable for the flight. The toy companies created miniature sets of board games such as Monopoly, Submarines, Rummy Cove, cards and more. Small kits, easy to carry and can be played during the flight or while staying in the terminal. For older children, it is recommended to solve a crossword puzzle or sudoku and even play a land of a city in writing or orally. .

• Equip yourself with pages, a notebook, a coloring book and colors and let the children color in order to pass the time. For the creative among you – offer to draw the terminal, the luggage, the people standing in line and even the dream vacation you are going to.

• And if you haven’t prepared in advance – you can invent online games such as – counting games (who is the first to count how many black suitcases I see around me), calculation games and exercises (seven boom), verbal games (I see something that starts with the letter A – what did I see), pantomime games , song games (give me a song that has the word – water in it), story games in continuations (someone starts telling and then the other continues and so on)

• Gymnastics on the spot – ask the older child to engage the younger ones in gymnastics exercises as he demonstrates and they perform.

• And if the line is still going on and patience is running out, use the international silencer and let the children play on the cell phone. It always works.

May we all have a pleasant flight and a short and calm wait!

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