Omer Adam’s performance in Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, traffic jams are expected all the details

The Israel Police is preparing for Omer Adam’s appearance in Yarkon Park this coming Thursday – 14.07.22 from 17:00 until midnight, at the Yehoshua Gardens complex in Tel Aviv.

The Israel Police will take care of the security of the event island, ensuring public order during the event and taking care to reduce the damage to the daily life of the residents of the area and with an emphasis on the flow of traffic on and around the leading routes.

In the run-up to and during the show, traffic congestion is expected in and around Yarkon Park, and the motoring public is asked to use alternative routes and not to reach the area, in particular on Rokha and Ayalon roads as the main roads leading to the event.

Show goers are advised to get to the venue by public transport and the Israel Railway and get off at the station "the University"/ at the station "Bnei Brak".

For those coming to the show in private vehicles, it is recommended to park in the following parking lots:

• Hadar Yosef athletics parking lots.

• Rafidim parking lot.

• Drive-in parking lot.

• Golfitech parking lot – 80 Rokah Ave.

• Ayalon Mall parking lot and R Stadium"third.

• Cypress university parking lots, property, social sciences (George Weiss).

• The tennis parking lot.

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