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New single – watch: Static and Ben El release the Maccabiah song – ‘Carnival’

In honor of the Maccabiah celebrations that open tomorrow (Thursday) Static and Ben El release the Maccabiah song – ‘Carnival’

The band of the decade, Static and Ben El, were chosen to perform the official song of the great sports event of the people of Israel – the 21st Maccabiah.

The two will perform with the song at the Maccabiah opening event tomorrow, July 14, at Teddy Stadium in front of 30,000 spectators.

The song ‘Carnival’ was written and composed by Static, Jordy and Ron Beaton and the music video was directed by the director and producer Roman Buchatsky (Roms) and was filmed at the various sports facilities in Kfar Maccabiah with the participation of senior Israeli athletes including: Gal Friedman, Andy Ram, Shahar Tzuberi, Raz Hershko , Uri Sasson, Artium Dolgopiat, Nicole Zelikman, Gal Mekel, Karin Sandel and more.

The 21st Maccabiah is the largest sporting event of the people of Israel and the second largest in the world, held once every four years with the participation of Israeli and Jewish athletes from all over the world. About 10,000 athletes from about 60 countries are expected to come to Maccabiah, which will open on July 14 and last two weeks, and will compete in dozens of sports, alongside thousands of attendants, fans and tourists. As part of Maccabiah, dozens of sports events open to the general public will be held all over the country under the title ‘Israel celebrates sports’ in addition to a long series of social events that offer a unique and unforgettable experience to the participants. You are welcome to follow Maccabiah and the various events on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.


A new evening, a cup full of honey
The girlfriend and I are coming to occupy the field
Tonight, we will get a medal
We will reach the top and then we will start climbing

In the end everything is sport, come with us
Play like a pro


There is a carnival inside the club
Tonight they go crazy like fans in the stadium
With fireworks, paint the place
And everyone is in the air as they sing the anthem

Ashram, Uri, in my country meteors were born
Shamla, Gerbi, Sassoon voice when we won the derby
Goes on the wave like Friedman knocks them down like Eric Zevi
Shoots like Zahavi and if needed there is the defense like Danny
Amal’a, with flags on the back – Abal’a
From the ends of the world we will unite the people so that they will all come to this small place
Of course, there will be blue and white stands, the team is already coming
Israel celebrates sports, we are a mess


There is a carnival inside the club
Tonight they go crazy like fans in the stadium
With fireworks, paint the place
And everyone is in the air as they sing the anthem


Lyrics and music: Liraz "Static" Rousseau and Jordan "Geordie" faction
Arrangement and musical production: Jordan "Geordie" faction
Keyboards, programming, mixing and mastering: Jordan "Geordie" faction

Personal management and exclusive representation by Statik and Ben El Tabori – Oron Kalfon & Yoav Gross/Gaga Booking

Video Produced by – ROMS

Directed by Roman Buchatsky Roman Buchatsky
Chief producer – Galit Brunzweig
Actual production and coordination – Sapir Cohen
Photographer – Misha Kaminsky
Assistant director – Amir Melamed
Focus Fuller – Meir Arad
Assistant photographer – Yuval Obeh Zion
Chief Narrator – Lior Perry
P. Lighting – Yuval Landsberg
Grip – Golan Caviat
Art director – Michael Sassoon
P. Art – Nir Ben Nun, Itzik Alba
Mini DV photographer – Oleg Matlinsky
FPV – Lior Meshenberg

Editing and post – WAY
Post producer – Shani Raver
Offline editing and coloring – Tal Haim
After – Oriya Ben Chaim
Supervisor – Yuval Gor

Static clothing – Dana Zikri
Ben El clothing – Ma’oz Dahan
Static makeup and Ben El – Roni Rabinovitch
Static hair and son El – Ron Marciano
Cast clothing – Liron Shimoni
P. Clothing Cast – Yuval Hasidim
Cast makeup – Roy Ohion
P. Cast makeup – Eden Dayan
Cast hair – Kobe Calderon
P. Cast hair – Cereal and Karat
P. Production – Tzachi Levanon, Tal Klein, Omer Shahar, Yadid Aral, Niv Segal, Gemma Rahmatov
Water girl – Tiffany Cohen Barez"To,
Stills photographer – Gal Szonenko
Athletes (according to A-B) – Aviv Bobrov, Uri Sasson, Osherat Eini, Eric Zaevi, Alex Shatilov, Andy Ram, Artyom Dolgofiat, Gili Koretsky, Gal Mekel, Gal Friedman, Danny Avdia, Joaquin Shuchman, Yuval Shamla, Lehi Koren, Linoy Ashram, Nicole Zelikman, Amit Cohen, Asael Shabu, Karin Sandel, Raz Hershko, Shahar Tzuberi, Shay Perel
Dancers – Jordan Haddad, Bar Rolov, Jordan Yaakov, Neta Haddad, Chris Salomon, Benny Avraham, Sanzo Zuma, Alex Kim, Gilad Zahavi, Tomer Azoulai
Casting – Sapir Fleishman
Cast – Sheilat Amboy, Lee Am Aliasi, Shabatiela Franklin,
Insurance agent – Assaf Kalchman
Cover design – Avoxvision

Content management – Sheila Galai, Renana Levy-Geigo, Danny Kasson
Content and advertising producer – Alma Meir
Director of the Marketing and Events Department – Ratem Chen
Production Coordinator, Marketing and Events Department – Noi Hadida

Static apparel credits –
Yankee Vannet
Factory 54

Credits Ben Al Clothing –
A department store suit

special thanks –
Fitosy camera services
Maccabiah – Alina Kotsi
In the name of Bar-Chen
Kostya Vasilkov

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