Satisfied with a bow: singer Yuval Dayan refused to shake the hand of the US president"b Joe Biden

The singer Yuval Dayan appeared this evening (Thursday) together with the singer Ran Danker before the President of the United States Joe Biden at the house of the President of the State Yitzhak Herzog in Jerusalem.

At the end of the performance of the song "let it be" President Biden rose to his feet and approached to shake their hands, the singer Danker approached first and warmly shook the President’s hand and added a few words, then President Biden approached with his hand extended towards Yuval Dayan but she refused to shake his hand and bowed. State President Herzog hastened to explain to Biden the meaning of her refusal.

Meyoval Dayan said in response, “I am so excited about the position and the privilege that has been given to me. In the last week, during the preparations for the ceremony, I made sure to inform several times to everyone I could on behalf of the President’s House that I was keeping in touch. God forbid I had no intention of harming but only to represent our country with respect and to stay true to my values ​​as a religious girl. Thank you for all the exciting responses, and lots of love.”

Yu"R. Religious Zionism, h"As Itamar Ben Gvir responded to the incident and said that "Yuval Dayan the Queen! Me too, when I repented, it was not easy for me not to shake hands and fear that you offended someone. Over time, I realized that maintaining touch is two-sided, and stems from an appreciation for the strength of the other. Yuval’s behavior, especially in front of the President of the United States, is a public display of faith in the Creator of the world.".

Photo: The News – Channel 12

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